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Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Flow

This class will engage your Ujaayi breath to encourage and connect your steady movements from pose to pose. This flowing style class creates a movement meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced. It encourages play and exploration for the individual student to find and connect to their desired intention and practice. Each teacher works creatively, according to their passion and background to create a flowing series of movements. This class may incorporate stronger and more powerful poses, however, modifications are always available.


Yin Yoga

Yin classes are slow, quiet, and a deep releasing style of yoga. This class uses mindful relaxation to work deeper into the body in order to access and nourish the connective tissue and fascia that weaves in and around muscles, organs, nerves and lymph. In contrast to yang style classes, yin is predominantly floor-based and encompasses deeper posture holds to allow for a gentle release. Practices may vary with each teacher and with the use of various props and mindfulness techniques.



In this class, you will experience a unique full body workout through creative, flowing sequences. You will move through targeted Pilates based movements specifically selected to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups. This all levels class will challenge and surprise even the most experienced participants, so you’ll leave class feeling happy, strong and confident! 


Gentle Flow

Settle in for this sweet flowing and slowing class. Our inspiring teachers enable us to slip into relaxation with meditation, breath work, and gentle movement for the whole body. With this beginner friendly class, you can expect some sweet calming poses at the end to prepare you for sleep. This is solely why we offer it Sunday evening for you to indulge and prepare for the week ahead.


Strong Foundations

This is a perfect class to introduce you to yoga! Whether you are new to yoga or looking to rekindle your yogi foundations, this class will enable you to learn, explore and enjoy what yoga has to offer in a safe environment. This class will explore key yoga postures, simpler flows, as well as breathing techniques and meditation and relaxation exercises. Regular practice of yoga asanas will help to increase your strength, flexibility and stamina whilst finding that perfect balance between calming and mobilizing the mind.


Chair Yoga

This class is a modified gentle yoga class. It uses a chair to aid in finding your centre and getting grounded in body and mind. It is designed mindfully to meet students where they are whether with limited mobility, balance, or vertigo.  With no pressure on wrists, this class works to incorporate breath work whilst subtly increasing strength, balance and mobility. No yoga experience necessary and available to all levels.


Power Vinyasa Flow

This is a more challenging and innovative practice to help explore and take you to the next level. Power Vinyasa Flow classes are designed for movement breath meditation, balance, strength, energy and power. Recommended for those with Strong Yoga Foundations.

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is slow, gentle and nourishing. This practice is about being grounded and open - about turning off the mental mind and surrendering your physical body to each asana. It's about relaxing and allowing gravity to draw you deeper into each pose. In this class we will explore the practice of doing less - but gaining more.

Child's Pose

Gentle Flow Nirda

This class will guide you through a series of postures to stretch and strengthen your body, while regulating your body to calm and clear your mind. Gentle Flow Nirda consists of 50 minutes of asana practice followed by 20 minutes of yoga nidra. Yoga Nidra translates to mean the yoga of sleep. It is a guided meditation that allows your body to completely relax.  Yoga Nidra improves the functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system. It also helps your cells to regenerate and repair while decreasing anxiety and improving your mood. You will leave feeling relaxed and balanced and ready to take on the week. Suitable for all levels.

Boutique Yoga Studio

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